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30 Aug
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How To Save A Document Quickly As You Work

Saving work is essential when creating a document as work can be easily lost in the event of the programme crashing or another issue, potentially losing hours of valuable work.    By pressing the…

30 Aug
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Why Changes to Windows Updates May Affect Your Business

Windows updates are an important part of computer maintenance as they provide security improvements and bug fixes to protect your machine and keep it running well. However, Microsoft is dramatically changing the way it will…

23 Aug
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Improve Computer Speed by Uninstalling Unused Programmes

Just like a human, asking a computer to carry out many tasks at once will cause each to be performed more slowly. Therefore, to ease the workload you should remove any programmes which are no…

21 Aug
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Why Worcestershire is at the Forefront of 5G Development

Worcestershire – home of the Wyre Forest, birthplace of composer Sir Edward Elgar and origin of Worcestershire sauce. Not the first place you might expect to be at the forefront of the UK’s technological advancements.…

16 Aug
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How to Ensure Your Windows Updates are Installed

Windows updates are important to keep your computer running smoothly. They keep your machine running smoothly and protected from security concerns, and therefore should be kept up to date.    Your machine will automatically…

15 Aug
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Why Some Computer Viruses Refuse to Die

The BBC’s technology correspondent, Mark Ward, has written an investigative report into the persistence of some computer viruses.   There are zombies on the internet – odd, undead lumps of code that roam endlessly seeking…

9 Aug
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Protect Your Work by Adjusting AutoRecovery Times

AutoRecover is a very important feature in Microsoft Office programmes. This can save your work in the case of Office crashing, or if your computer shuts down unexpectedly before you have a chance to save…

6 Aug
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The Windows 7 Support Deadline is Looming – Is Your Business Prepared?

    Update 13-10-20 – Windows 7 support is ending tomorrow. Speak to one of our experts for advice on how to keep your business operational after this deadline      Windows operating systems control…

3 Aug
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You Should Carry Out a Disk Clean-up to Improve Your Computer’s Speed

A disk clean-up is used on Windows computers to free disk space on the hard drive. Essentially, it locates unnecessary files which are no longer in use and removes them in order to create more…

1 Aug
Staff Articles.

A Brief History of the Telephone – How Distance Messages Have Changed the World We Live In

Mobile phones are a seemingly essential part of everyday life, but their history has been long and complex. Follow the history of the telephone from the Ancient Greeks to future developments with this animation, then…

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