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27 Sep
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How Using Keyboard Shortcuts Can Make Navigating Text a Breeze

Skip to the end of a line, a word or a paragraph with just the tap of two keys.

25 Sep
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The Future of Health Insurance: How One Insurer is Promoting Health With Fitness Trackers

American life insurance provider John Hancock will no longer provide policies which do not include the use of digital fitness trackers.

20 Sep
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Is Your Windows 10 Edition
Right for You?

Did you know that there are number of different editions of Windows, all specialised for different environments? Make sure you know the difference and have the best one for you.

18 Sep
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What do Nougat, Spherical Cow and Bionic Beaver Have in Common?

  Android phones are well known for their operating system versions being named after sweet treats, the latest being Version 9.0 – Android Pie. Other systems have similar naming conventions; some more captivating than others.…

13 Sep
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Improve Your Google Search Results With Smart Searching

With over 25 trillion web pages listed by Google, finding exactly what you need can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. With this huge resource of the internet, a few tips can be implemented to ensure that…

11 Sep
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How A Nordic Datacentre is Sustainably Heating Homes

  DigiPlex is one of the biggest names for datacentre operations across the Nordic region, with five sites across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They are pioneers in this industry in regards to renewable and sustainable…

6 Sep
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How to Arrange Files in Mac Finder Folders

Unlike on the Windows operating system, files in Mac OS are not automatically aligned or arranged by name. This can make organisation easier as files can be dragged to any area of the folder for…

4 Sep
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How Firefox is Fighting Against Tracking Cookies

Mozilla is taking a revolutionary step with its open source web browser, Firefox, by working to block all tracking cookies in an upcoming update. Tracking cookies are assigned to you as an individual by third…

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