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31 Oct
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Forget Remembering Passwords – Let Your Brain Take Control

What if you no longer had to remember passwords, but simply hold the key inside your brain. That could soon be reality.

25 Oct
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A Quicker Way To Send Emails

There’s a little-known way to send an email from Microsoft Outlook with just the tap of two keys.

23 Oct
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Wi-Fi 6: Better Hardware for Faster Browsing

The next generation of WiFi is on the horizon, propelling the possibilities of IoT Devices and more.

19 Oct
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Recover from Disaster: Reopen a Closed Tab

Picture this: You’re clearing down your browser tabs after a project and – DISASTER! You close an important tab with a page it took you seemingly forever to find.

16 Oct
From BBC News.

From BBC News: How Light Could Help Superfast Mobile Reach Even Further

How light may be the gateway to superfast 5G in any room of your home, sooner than you think.

11 Oct
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The Ways in Which a Server can Serve Your Every Need

Servers are the backbone for IT infrastructure, but do you know why they are so vital to everything we do?

9 Oct
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The Future of Websites? How one site has Gone 100% Solar.

Low-Tech Magazine is living up to its name by launching a fully solar-powered version of their website, run by a solar panel on the owner’s Spanish balcony.

4 Oct
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Using the Print Shortcut to Use Your Printer Quickly and Efficiently

This keyboard shortcut can be used to send an email with just the tap of two keys.

2 Oct
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How Office 2019 Aims to Improve Your Productivity

Updates to Microsoft’s Office package have been released, and many of the changes are focused on productivity.

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