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31 May
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Forget Folding Phones – A Folding Laptop is What You Really Need

Lenovo are innovating a new type of laptop – one that folds in half. Stick with me, it’s something completely new.

24 May
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Mind the Scrap: Avoid Busy Tube Areas with Your Phone Thanks to TFL

London Underground operators will track WiFi connections to figure out where the busiest places on the network are.

22 May
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Another 14 UK Districts Awarded EU Funding for Free Town WiFi

The European Council has awarded 14 UK districts funding to install free public WiFi throughout towns.

22 May
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I tried Edge for Mac for a Week, and it Wasn’t That Bad

Edge, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer successor, is coming to Mac. But do Mac users want a Windows browser? The answer may surprise you.

3 May
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Is Your Fridge Spying on You? – New Laws for the Internet of Things

The number of connected devices in our homes is increasing, but there are a number of security issues. The government are bringing in new laws to protect the ‘Internet of Things’.

2 May
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Samsung’s Next TV – With a Rotating Screen?

Samsung have released another innovative TV screen. You can now spin your TV to mirror your phone screen.

1 May
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The Raspberry Pi Can Now Be Used to Send Letters

The Raspberry Pi computer is becoming immortalised as a first class stamp to commemorate 50 years of British engineering.

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