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20 Sep
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The Next Generation of iPhone is Here, and Here’s Why It Makes a Great Business Phone

Apple’s latest phones are perfect for a busy worker in any industry, you should consider it as your next company phone

19 Sep
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My, My, That’s a Mountain of Pi

Technology company Oracle have built a supercomputer made up of 1,060 Raspberry Pis, showing that these mini circuits can be used to create a powerful machine. Standing proudly at Oracle’s OpenWorld convention on Monday, the…

6 Sep
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Lenovo Announces Monitors Designed to Combat Eye Fatigue

Lenovo are releasing a monitor which is specially designed to reduce the strain on your eyes.

3 Sep
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More Lines are Coming to London

Ofcom have announced that they are releasing 10 million new London phone numbers as the (020)4 range is released.

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