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Anyone can now make interactive VR experiences from their iPad or iPhone with Adobe’s latest innovation: Aero. With no coding required, this platform opens up virtual reality development to a much wider audience of creatives.

Launched at the Adobe MAX conference this week, this iOS app allows users to design and share AR (augmented reality) experiences without any need for complex coding knowledge.

Virutal rocket ship in AR using Adobe Aero App on tablet computer. Image: Adobe. SeaBro IT
You can project any object into the real world through AR. Image: Adobe

Import the assets you’ve created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and see the layers in a three-dimensional space. Adjust the space between layers to see how they work together from other angles and overlay them onto the real world to bring your creations to life.

Create 3D models in Adobe Dimension or Substance? You can import these creations into Aero too. Show clients how their new kitchen, garage or office will look in real time with an interactive display occupying the space that the final tangible product will be.

Virutal bubbles in AR using Adobe Aero App on tablet computer. Image: Adobe. SeaBro IT
Intelligent lighting makes realistic shadows by adapting to real-world light sources. Image: Adobe

Add interactivity to your design by using the intuitive menus to customise the behaviour of layers and add triggers for animations. Adobe have even built intelligent lighting into Aero which analyses the environment and assigns realistic shadows to objects to make them look realistic relative to their surroundings.

I’ve tried out the Aero app, and it is just as intuitive as Adobe claim. The mini tutorial introduces most features while guiding you through building a toy store display. I imported some Photoshop files, including that of the SeaBro IT logo, and it is amazing how realistically they are presented in the digital environment.

One real plant and one virtual plant, created with the Adobe Aero app. Image: SeaBro IT
Can you tell which is the real plant and which is virtual?

The digital elements are extremely stable and responsive, and have incredible detail and clarity. You can ‘zoom’ into an object by moving the device closer and explore every part of the item from any angle.

You can get the Adobe Aero app on any iOS 13 device. You need to have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to make creations in the app, but you can send it to anyone with an eligible device and they can view your construction without a subscription.

Augmented reality will be a common-place tool in businesses from all industries in the coming years. Get in touch with us today to stay ahead of the trend and find out how implementing AR into your company will give you the edge over your competitors.

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