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Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, SeaBro IT is accredited by Microsoft and therefore has access to exclusive software releases and industry insights. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that our engineers know the products that they are providing to you. We use Microsoft Azure to manage our backup services.

Versatile and adaptable

Businesses change, and therefore so should your IT services. Backups can be customised and optimised for the needs of your business, and schedules at times which are of the least disruption to your operations.

Live maintenance

Wherever possible, we conduct maintenance to your backup services without downtime so your business’s operations are not interrupted. If downtime is needed, we will liaise with you to agree on the best time to carry out this essential work.

On-site and Cloud

If you are not yet ready to move all backup to the cloud, we also manage on-site backups to compliment cloud services. Our backups are regular and in case of an issue are quick to restore so that you can get back to work quickly and with access to all files from the time of the backup.

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