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4 Nov
From BBC News. News.

From BBC News: Video Games Created Using AI

Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to develop new video games. Find out more in this clip from BBC Click.

16 Oct
From BBC News.

From BBC News: How Light Could Help Superfast Mobile Reach Even Further

How light may be the gateway to superfast 5G in any room of your home, sooner than you think.

15 Aug
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Why Some Computer Viruses Refuse to Die

The BBC’s technology correspondent, Mark Ward, has written an investigative report into the persistence of some computer viruses.   There are zombies on the internet – odd, undead lumps of code that roam endlessly seeking…

6 Feb
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Microsoft warns firms of technology ‘distractions’

Technology can distract workers rather than make them more productive, suggests a survey carried out by software giant Microsoft. Many of the 20,000 European workers questioned said a steady stream of emails, messages and notifications…

6 Feb
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Elon Musk’s huge Falcon Heavy rocket set for launch

Elon Musk will attempt to fly the world’s most powerful rocket later with his own sports car on the top. The US entrepreneur’s Falcon Heavy launcher is designed to have twice the lifting capacity of…

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