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5 Jul
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Bitcoin uses more energy than the whole of Switzerland

Bitcoin is big business – but also uses a lot of energy. New research from the University of Cambridge shows just how much.

19 Jun
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I Sense a Change in Robots. Specifically the Senses of Touch and Sight

Researchers at MIT have developed an AI that can link sight and touch senses together, just like a human can. Is this the rise of the robotic empire?

17 Jun
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3.2 Billion Fake Emails Are Sent Every Day. Are You Doing Enough to Protect Yourself?

With over 37,000 dangerous emails sent out every second, you need to know how to protect yourself.

12 Jun
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Government Pledges £153 Million to Progress Quantum Computing

The government has pledged to invest in quantum computing, to help future problems including medical research and traffic management.

31 May
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Forget Folding Phones – A Folding Laptop is What You Really Need

Lenovo are innovating a new type of laptop – one that folds in half. Stick with me, it’s something completely new.

24 May
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Mind the Scrap: Avoid Busy Tube Areas with Your Phone Thanks to TFL

London Underground operators will track WiFi connections to figure out where the busiest places on the network are.

22 May
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Another 14 UK Districts Awarded EU Funding for Free Town WiFi

The European Council has awarded 14 UK districts funding to install free public WiFi throughout towns.

22 May
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I tried Edge for Mac for a Week, and it Wasn’t That Bad

Edge, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer successor, is coming to Mac. But do Mac users want a Windows browser? The answer may surprise you.

3 May
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Is Your Fridge Spying on You? – New Laws for the Internet of Things

The number of connected devices in our homes is increasing, but there are a number of security issues. The government are bringing in new laws to protect the ‘Internet of Things’.

2 May
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Samsung’s Next TV – With a Rotating Screen?

Samsung have released another innovative TV screen. You can now spin your TV to mirror your phone screen.

1 May
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The Raspberry Pi Can Now Be Used to Send Letters

The Raspberry Pi computer is becoming immortalised as a first class stamp to commemorate 50 years of British engineering.

26 Apr
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The Future of Car Communication; Wi-Fi or 5G?

Cars communicating with each other is the future of transport, but how they do it is under debate.

18 Apr
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How Google is doing more to protect Android users from malicious apps

Google play is the largest app store, but is introducing new measures to ensure all of its apps are safe

25 Mar
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You Could Soon Be A Landscape Painter With No Artistic Talent At All

NVIDIA have created an AI software which can transform basic drawings into photorealistic masterpieces

1 Mar
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Hunting for An Airport Parking Space Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Robotics and artificial intelligence are being used to create automated valet parking in London Gatwick Airport

14 Feb
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How the Australian Military Recycled 200,000 Devices at Once

The Department of Defence has decommissioned the largest ever number of technological products.

6 Feb
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Could You Soon Have Virgin Media Hyperfast Broadband?

Virgin Media are trialing 8Gbps broadband in a Cambridgeshire village. But is internet 200 times faster than average really necessary?

11 Dec
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Ten Years of Google Chrome

Ten years after Google Chrome was first launched, it is now the world’s most popular browser. Discover its journey to success.

4 Nov
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From BBC News: Video Games Created Using AI

Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to develop new video games. Find out more in this clip from BBC Click.

31 Oct
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Forget Remembering Passwords – Let Your Brain Take Control

What if you no longer had to remember passwords, but simply hold the key inside your brain. That could soon be reality.

23 Oct
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Wi-Fi 6: Better Hardware for Faster Browsing

The next generation of WiFi is on the horizon, propelling the possibilities of IoT Devices and more.

9 Oct
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The Future of Websites? How one site has Gone 100% Solar.

Low-Tech Magazine is living up to its name by launching a fully solar-powered version of their website, run by a solar panel on the owner’s Spanish balcony.

2 Oct
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How Office 2019 Aims to Improve Your Productivity

Updates to Microsoft’s Office package have been released, and many of the changes are focused on productivity.

25 Sep
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The Future of Health Insurance: How One Insurer is Promoting Health With Fitness Trackers

American life insurance provider John Hancock will no longer provide policies which do not include the use of digital fitness trackers.

18 Sep
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What do Nougat, Spherical Cow and Bionic Beaver Have in Common?

  Android phones are well known for their operating system versions being named after sweet treats, the latest being Version 9.0 – Android Pie. Other systems have similar naming conventions; some more captivating than others.…

11 Sep
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How A Nordic Datacentre is Sustainably Heating Homes

  DigiPlex is one of the biggest names for datacentre operations across the Nordic region, with five sites across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They are pioneers in this industry in regards to renewable and sustainable…

4 Sep
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How Firefox is Fighting Against Tracking Cookies

Mozilla is taking a revolutionary step with its open source web browser, Firefox, by working to block all tracking cookies in an upcoming update. Tracking cookies are assigned to you as an individual by third…

30 Aug
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Why Changes to Windows Updates May Affect Your Business

Windows updates are an important part of computer maintenance as they provide security improvements and bug fixes to protect your machine and keep it running well. However, Microsoft is dramatically changing the way it will…

21 Aug
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Why Worcestershire is at the Forefront of 5G Development

Worcestershire – home of the Wyre Forest, birthplace of composer Sir Edward Elgar and origin of Worcestershire sauce. Not the first place you might expect to be at the forefront of the UK’s technological advancements.…

11 Jul
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UK Broadband Falls in Global Rankings – How to Receive the Best Service

The UK’s broadband speed has fallen in global rankings, according to M-lab research. The United Kingdom has dropped from 31st to 35th position in a study of 200 countries, which analysed 163 million broadband speed…

9 Jul
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How Twitter is Clamping Down on Spam

Twitter has long been plagued by fake accounts and spam posts, but that could be coming to an end. At the end of last month, Twitter has explained in a detailed blog post that they…

4 Jul
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The European Parliament Vs. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based cyber-security and antivirus provider, has been heavily criticised in the US and Europe recently. On June 13th, the European Parliament sat to administer a motion to improve cyber-security in its member…

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