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What is 'The Cloud' and What Does it Do?

The Cloud is a term given to any service that runs virtually; be it your email server, hosted web services or storage. It is an instant, unlimited service that allows a cost effective way to run your business. Not only that, it is completely virtual, therefore you will not have down time, and you can welcome a huge amount of extra space where all those servers used to be!!

Windows and Linux Hosting

SeaBro IT are able to host a variety of platforms so we can optimise your server, based on which code your website uses. We offer various configurations for web servers, so we will customise your server to meet your exact requirements.

Hosted E-Mail

Our purpose built Microsoft Exchange-based platform is designed from the ground up for business use which enables amazing speed and stability along with the flexibility, mixed with premium features to allow you and your team to be more productive and simply get the job done.

UK Based Data Centre Presence

Here at SeaBro IT we have our own custom servers located within the UK across several data centre locations to allow a fully reliable service, all managed and maintained by us.

SeaBro IT Cloud Services

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