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A disk clean-up is used on Windows computers to free disk space on the hard drive. Essentially, it locates unnecessary files which are no longer in use and removes them in order to create more storage space.


Removing these unused files reduces strain on your computer’s performance, allowing it to run faster without the unused files using resources. This is most effective following a system update as older files will have been replaced and are no longer needed on the hard drive.

Carrying out a disk clean-up on Windows 10 is simple and can be broken down into just three steps.

1 In the windows 10 search bar, type ‘Disk Clean-up’ and click on the highlighted shortcut at the top of the search panel.

2 Select the files that you wish to remove. Those selected by default are recommended but you can select others depending on your needs.

3 Click ‘OK’ to start the Disk Clean-up.


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Written by
Fraser S
in Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

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