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Purpose Built Microsoft Exchange platform

We host emails on our own purpose built Microsoft Exchange-based platform, which has been designed specifically for business use. Therefore, our in-house Exchange servers provide incredible speed and stability, allowing maintenance to be preventative and convenient to your business times.

Any device, any time

You can access your emails from any device, anywhere and at any time thanks to our email servers running around the clock to ensure that you won’t miss any important business emails. We don’t rely on third party support, meaning any issues are addressed and amended immediately to avoid disruption to your operations.

Competitive Premium services

Our hosting of 25GB and 50GB storage options on our own in-house Exchange servers ensure that our services compliment the needs of your company. We work with you to manage your systems effectively and to avoid disruption to your business.

Spam filters

With your own dedicated portal, you can take full control of your email spam protection levels. Alternatively, we can manage all of your inbound mail to ensure that threats are prevented from entering your company mailbox.

SeaBro IT Emails Services

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