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At SeaBro IT, our extensive range of options including monitors and systems stem from standard flat screen monitors to 4K ultra high definition monitors, branded and custom systems, ultrabooks to high end powerhouse premium notebooks. SeaBro IT can provide professional solutions based on what on your exact requirements from start to finish.

No Hidden Costs

No one likes unexpected charges and nor do we here at SeaBro IT. Our clients are completely aware of all costs from the outset as we are completely upfront to give you the financial security and peace of mind to know you will never pay out more than expected.

Complete Managed Solution

We take the headaches out of managing your IT hardware when we first take over managing your infrastructure or upon creating a brand new IT solution for your business. For machines in high usage environments we always recommend an approximate 5 year life cycle, combined with a proactive approach to ensure we pre-empt any sign of failure.

Trouble with Wi-Fi?

We use top of the line hardware to provide all of our customers with a fully optimised and stable Wi-Fi platform. Whether you have a single office or a multi-story facility, we can provide a network solution throughout your business to ensure no drop outs or black spots ever occur.

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