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We deal with many companies of different sizes and industries at SeaBro IT, each of those companies face different and unique challenges with managing internal systems, staff and customers – to assist with this, we at the first step add a consultancy layer and fully assess and implement new ways to do things to improve productivity and save time and frustration along with a cost saving in doing so.

Although each company is different in size and different in what they do, we regularly see the same types of issues coming up time and time again along with the same mistakes being done. One such mistake is holding on to an ageing phone system under the false pretence that it will be cheaper to retain than to go through the process of getting a new one.

An example to consider – you get a new staff member join and need to add a new extension – simple right? With many systems currently still in use by many companies, this simple process usually requires getting new cards to add to the existing kit or calling in an engineer to make the changes required.

With the systems we provide at SeaBro IT, the misconception of a costly replacement phone system can be quashed – there is no up front cost to do this – ZERO! You just pay for the handset subscriptions you need, be it a single handset or 100 handsets – the outlay is the same – ZERO!

Along with this you will find that your regular spend on calls is reduced, along with the subscription (which allows 2 lines per handset) there are voicemail functions, caller ID and a whole range of other amazing features compared to the dated systems. You also get bundled minutes for local and national calls, along with bundled minutes to mobiles – all of this on traditional phone systems on ISDN and analogue lines is usually subject to a connection fee and a per minute charge. So not only do you not pay for the initial outlay of the kit, you then don’t pay for the calls!

If you’re interested in this please give my team a call on 01702 41 31 70 or send us an e-mail to

Thanks for reading!

Richard Tracey
Development Director
SeaBro IT & Communications Ltd

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SeaBro IT Engineer
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