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Hot Corners can be configured on a Mac device for a range of uses. Each corner of the screen can be set up as a shortcut for a different function, such as putting the device to sleep or hiding all windows. A full list of available functions can be found below.

To access the set-up page for the Hot Corners, open launchpad then launch System Preferences.

From there, click on the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ option.

Navigate to the ‘Screen Saver’ tab at the top of the window, then open ‘Hot Corners…’ from the button at the bottom of the window.

Here, you can allocate different options from the drop-down menus to assign a corner of the screen to a different function. Most can be reversed by pointing the mouse in the allocated corner again.

Hot Corners Configurations:

  • Start Screen Saver
    Locks the device and activates the screen saver with the settings which have been configured in the Screen Saver page
  • Disable Screen Saver
    Stops the screen saver from activating, for example when watching a long video or giving a presentation
  • Application Windows

    Shows all of the windows which are open of the currently selected programme
  • Mission Control
    Opens the mission control screen. This screen shows all active windows from all applications
  • Desktop
    Temporarily hides all windows and shows the desktop. Windows are restored if an application is opened
  • Dashboard
    Opens the Dashboard screen which shows widgets showing a range of features, such as a calendar or weather report
  • Notification Center
    Shows the Notification Center pane, where recent notifications can be viewed

  • Launchpad

    Opens the launchpad, a screen from where all installed applications can be launched
  • Put Display To Sleep
    Sends the device into sleep mode, where the account is locked and the screen turns black

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