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Microsoft has recently launched its Office 2019 package, which includes updated desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The whole suite has been upgraded from the previous 2016 version to fall more into line with the current Office 365 features.

Office 2019 will be a one-time purchase for a single desktop device running Windows 10, as opposed to Office 365 which is paid for on a monthly subscription. The uses are virtually identical, except for some small inconsistencies. For example, Office 365 is run in the cloud and can be accessed from one PC, tablet and mobile phone per license.

The latest revisions is available on Windows 10, as well as the latest three versions of Mac OS. This version of Microsoft Office is not supported by Windows 7 or 8, so businesses and individuals holding on to these operating systems may begin to feel the strain of running on outdated systems. General support for Windows 7 will be withdrawn in January 2020, so Microsoft is working to push those still using this operating system to the latest and most secure Windows 10.

We have gathered information about the new features for Windows and Mac users which focus on design, productivity and accessibility. The full comprehensive list can be found below.

Some of these features have been available in different Office applications or version before, but are new to others. The icon with each feature indicates which application it is new to in Office 2019.

All images courtesy of Microsoft.



Slide with examples of SVG filters
Changes to versions on:    

Introduce Engaging Images

Add visual interest to your work by inserting SVG files with filters applied to them.

  Outlook Changes for Mac Only

Changes to versions on:    

Integrated Translation

Quickly translate text between languages using Microsoft Translator.


Changes to versions on:   

Find Shared Files

Find files sent to you as an attachment through the ‘Shared with Me’ feature.


Changes to versions on:   

Seamless 3D Images

Bring your documents to life with fully rotatable and animatable 3D images.


Changes to versions on:   

Support for LaTeX

Easily create maths equations using LaTeX syntax in Word documents.


Changes to versions on:     

Use Morph for Transitions

Morph can make animations and transitions seamless throughout your presentation.


Changes to versions on:   

Jump Between Slides 

Jump to any slide you like without affecting the flow of your presentation.


Changes to versions on:   

Meetings Across Time Zones

Create an event with start and end times in different time zones at the press of a button.


Changes to versions on:   

Add Video to Presentations 

Add an online video so you can watch without leaving your presentation.


Changes to versions on:     

Updated Accessibility Support

International accessibility standards support to make files more accessible than ever.


Changes to versions on:   

Adjust Reading Views

Change page colour, column width and text spacing to improve readability.


Changes to versions on:   

Run a Show with a Digital Pen

Use your surface pen or any other with a bluetooth button to control slides.


Changes to versions on:     

New Excel Functions

Integration for TEXTJOIN, CONCAT and IFS functions, as well as many others.


Changes to versions on:   

Customise Swipe Functions

Set the swipe left and right gestures to suit your preferences.


Changes to versions on:     

Audio Cues for Accessibility

Audio cues can be used to guide you as you work, playing sound effects to aid navigation.


Changes to versions on:    

Write with Ink on Screen

Draw shapes, highlight text or write words and they’ll be converted to text or images.

.  Visio for Windows Only

Changes to versions on:   

Deselection of Cells

Deselect unnecessarily selected cells in Excel without having to start over.


Changes to versions on:   

Filter Selection with Timeline

Apply a timeline filter to PivotTable data to narrow data range.


Changes to versions on:   

New Charts to Express Data

11 new charts have been added to help you to visualise your data in Access.


Changes to versions on:   

Add Visual Impact with Icons

Add icons to your documents to improve the aesthetic aspect of your work.


Changes to versions on:   

Large Number Data Type

Efficiently calculate large non-monetary numbers with the SQL_BIGINT data type in ODBC.


Changes to versions on:   

Link Tasks to Keep Track

Select a cell in Predecessors or Successors columns to see a list of project tasks.


Changes to versions on:   

Label Timeline Bars

Add task names and dates to stay up to date with current progress.


Changes to versions on:   

Create Website Mock-ups

Build low-fidelity website sketches to present ideas before thorough design work.


Changes to versions on:   

Start with Template Diagrams

New starter diagrams to save time when beginning a new chart.


If your business is looking to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2019 or migrate to the cloud with Office 365, SeaBro IT can support your infrastructure through the whole process. Get in touch to find out how we can help to reinforce your infrastructure.


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