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With over 25 trillion web pages listed by Google, finding exactly what you need can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. With this huge resource of the internet, a few tips can be implemented to ensure that the relevant information is gathered.



Search for an Exact Phrase

To search for an exact phrase, surround the phrase with quotation marks. This will return searches which contain the exact word or group of words within the quotation marks.


Search for a Phrase With an Unknown Word

Use an asterisk in place of an unknown word in a phrase, such as when searching for song lyrics that are not known in full.


Exclude a Category From Your Search

If you’re getting a lot of irrelevant results, identify the category skewing the responses and include that in your search with a minus (-) immediately before. This will remove pages containing that category from the search.


Search Results for a Specific Site

To search a specific website for results, precede your search query with site: and the site you are wanting to search. This will only return results from that site.


Define a word

In order to find the definition of a word, place define: before the word or phrase. This will also provide results for slang words or contractions.


Use these tips to help you find relevant results on Google, ensuring that the responses are useful to you in order to improve efficiency. You can also use the ‘Tools’ tab beneath the search box to refine your search by time and country of origin.


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Written by
Fraser S
in Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

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