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With Windows 10 being at the forefront of operating systems for nearly three years now, most people are familiar with its functionalities and limitations. However, many are still using a version which isn’t matched to their needs. Explore the five editions below.


Windows 10 S [Only as pre-installed]

Windows 10 S has been designed primarily for the use of students and teachers, though is available to anyone. Apps can only be downloaded from the Microsoft App Store which are Microsoft approved, creating a more secure environment as the apps are verified as safe. A PC in Windows 10 S mode can be switched for no charge, but the switch is one-way and therefore cannot be returned to S mode. In S mode, start-up and browsing is fast due the limited installations, though certain features are not available. You cannot change the default browser or search engine from Microsoft’s own Edge and Bing, and on-premises domains cannot be joined. There are S versions for Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education editions.

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Windows 10 Home

Designed for personal use, Windows 10 home is the standard version for use on home computers. It has all of the standard features needed to run a computer, but will not be able to manage the strain endured for business use. For example, with a Windows 10 Home Edition computer you cannot create or join a domain or use a remote desktop. Therefore, when using a Home edition machine in a work environment can cause a lot of issues with performance and the use of certain apps.

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Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro is aimed at business use, with access to features such as Hyper-V, BitLocker and Group Policy Management, as well as business-specific windows store and updates. This makes using the computer for business much more reliable, and you can be assured that all relevant functions can be carried out for professional use. If being used in a working environment, Windows 10 Pro at a minimum is essential.

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Windows 10 Enterprise

For medium and large sized businesses, Windows 10 Enterprise edition is needed. This version can cope with the requirements of networking and managing a large number of machines together. Elements such as Device Guard can be used to lock down devices so that limited services and applications can be accessed. This can be used to boost productivity, improve computer speeds and protect from attacks.

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Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education edition is very similar to the Enterprise release, but aimed specifically for educational establishments. For example, the Cortana personal assistant is disabled on the Education edition. Microsoft focusses on allowing inclusion for students using their Windows 10 Education devices, ensuring that all abilities and disabilities are catered for.

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Enterprise and Education versions are not available to be brought by consumers, but needs to be purchased through an official supplier. More information can be found on the official Microsoft website.


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Written by
Fraser S
in Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

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