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 Lenovo have disclosed details around their new monitors, which are specially designed to reduce eye fatigue while still giving a QHD experience.

Presenting at the IFA 2019 in Berlin, Lenovo have showcased two monitors which have built in features to reduce the strain often experienced by continuous use of digital screens. This technology is so effective at reducing eye fatigue that they have been certified to the TÜV® Rhineland Eye Comfort standards.

Lenovo Q27q Monitor on a modern home desk. Image: Lenovo. SeaBro IT
Lenovo’s Q27q monitor fits perfectly in a contemporary home. Image: Lenovo

As well as easier viewing, these monitors both work seamlessly with connected devices and provide a cinema-quality output. The 27-inch Q27q boasts a crystal-clear QHD IPS display, with the Q24i 24-inch version presenting a FHD monitor, both with minimal bezels to indulge users in a near edgeless experience.

The sleek design of these displays mean that they would not look out of place in any room, whether a work environment or a home office, living room or bedroom. With just a 6.9mm (0.3in) depth, these screens really are ultra-thin. The elegant stand also features a convenient cable holder to keep wires tidy, fitting with the sleek, minimalistic design.

Lenovo Q27q monitor reduces eye fatigue but has sharp display. Image: Lenovo. SeaBro IT
The QHD IPS display pictures images perfectly. Image: Lenovo

Gamers and creatives will benefit from the incredible definition of the display, which can be viewed equally from any angle, as well as the 99% sRGB colour range. There is also a 75Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time and inbuilt AMD Radeon™ FreeSync™ for an immersive experience.

The screen isn’t the only noteworthy part of this technology, both variations also come with two 3W speakers built in. So whether you’re working, gaming, or binging, you will have incredible sound to accompany the crisp display.  

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