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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folding laptop. SeaBro IT
Lenovo’s next generation laptop could soon be racing into our homes and offices. Image: Lenovo

** Update Jan 2020 – At the CES show this year, Lenovo have announced that this laptop will cost $2,499 (£1999) and ship later this year. It will also run Windows 10 Pro, rather than the hotly anticipated but as-yet unreleased Windows 10X which is being specifically designed for this type of hardware **

Lenovo have always been at the cutting edge of technology, and have recently unveiled their newest portable computer innovation – the world’s first laptop which folds in half.

“But Fraser, don’t all laptops fold in half?”

Yes. They do. But this is different; the screen covers both halves.

Lenovo are paving the way to the future of laptops with this computer, which has an OLED screen on a hinge which can be folded completely to halve its width. This means that you can use it as a laptop, tablet or full-sized screen with just a bend.

This is not a tablet, or a phone, or some other type of hybrid which compromises performance for a gimmicky design. This is a full laptop with a screen twice as large, allowing you to do everything that you could on any other computer and much more.

  • Arrived at work? Dock it into your multi-monitor setup
  • In a meeting? Fold it flat and take notes on screen with the accompanying pen
  • Need to type some emails? Stand it up and use the mechanical keyboard
  • On your commute? Check the news by folding into a clamshell
  • Streaming your favourite shows? Unfold the screen to full size for immersive viewing

No matter what you use your laptop for, this innovation as part of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Family will be able to do it. Connectivity ports will allow for any type of display extension or accessory use, and the pen allows for notes to be taken fluidly and with expression. There is also a webcam mounted to the right of the screen and speakers on the side of the upper half.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folding laptop. SeaBro IT
This new style of screen will make scrolling through social media a breeze. Image: Lenovo

The laptop is carefully balanced to ensure that it stays upright when in the traditional laptop configuration, with the hinge allowing for the outer casing to slide for a robust and durable fold.

What’s more, the mechanical keyboard dismisses the fear of having to type on a touch screen, which could otherwise be a drawback for those accustomed to traditional keyboards.

The product is due to be released next year, but is unlikely to be the last of this new generation of devices. Lenovo are facing the challenge of creating a folding screen which can stand up to constant use by users, on a 13″ OLED 2k screen – larger than any other folding screen seen before.

Who knows if this be the future of portable computing? Either way, keep an eye out for more news about the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Family.

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