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22 Nov
Staff Articles.

Disable the Ctrl + Return Shortcut for Sending Emails

  Although the Control/Command + Return shortcut is a useful way to quickly send emails from Microsoft Outlook, it can be activated accidentally. For example, you may be using the Control/Command + V shortcut to…

16 Nov
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

How to Protect Your Computer Over Winter

  Overheating is usually the main thought when discussing the negative effects of temperature on a computer, but protecting your electronics from the cold is also an important factor over winter.  Cold temperatures can cause…

4 Nov
From BBC News. News.

From BBC News: Video games created using AI

  Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to develop new video games. Find out more in this clip from BBC Click.     Read more of our blog posts        

1 Nov
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Using Hot Corners to Save Time on Mac

  Hot Corners can be configured on a Mac device for a range of uses. Each corner of the screen can be set up as a shortcut for a different function, such as putting the…

Brain Outline Pink Password Projecting Asterisks Turquoise SeaBro IT
31 Oct
News. Staff Articles.

Forget Remembering Passwords – Let Your Brain Take Control

  Keeping passwords secure is a constant battle. Managing dozens of passwords across accounts and devices can become confusing and frustrating. But what if your brain could give your passwords without you needing to remember…

25 Oct
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

A Quicker Way To Send Emails

  Sending emails can be time consuming and arduous work, but luckily there is a quicker way to send your message from Microsoft Outlook – just by pressing two keys.    By pressing the…

23 Oct
News. Staff Articles.

Wi-Fi 6: Better Hardware for Faster Browsing

IEEE 802.11ax WLAN systems running Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz routers are entering our lives. Translation: Wi-Fi 6 is coming, and efforts are being made to help people understand…

19 Oct
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Recover from Disaster: Reopen a Closed Tab

  Picture this: You’re clearing down your browser tabs after a project and – DISASTER! You close an important tab with a page it took you seemingly forever to find.    Never fear, for…

16 Oct
From BBC News.

From BBC News: How Light Could Help Superfast Mobile Reach Even Further

The global race towards superfast “fifth generation” mobile internet, known as 5G, is entering a key phase. The trouble is no-one knows exactly which technologies will be best for offering such a service. But one…

Red Overlay on Server, SeaBro IT Featured Image
11 Oct
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

The Ways in Which a Server can Serve Your Every Need

A server is a computer used to manage network resources. This can be a dedicated device, meaning that it only carries out the server tasks, or it can be a computer which also has other…

Featured Image. Low-Tech Magazine Banner, Man throwing spear drawing. Solar Powered Website
9 Oct
News. Staff Articles.

The Future of Websites? How one site has Gone 100% Solar.

  Low-Tech Magazine have recently launched a solar-powered website in their quest for using technology in a truly sustainable way. From the author’s Barcelonan home, an off-grid solar PV system provides the 1-2.5 watts of…

4 Oct
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Using the Print Shortcut to Use Your Printer Quickly and Efficiently

  Keyboard shortcuts are useful for a wide range of functions, saving time and strain as hands are not being constantly moved between the keyboard and mouse. This week’s ten second tip focusses on the…

2 Oct
News. Staff Articles.

How Office 2019 Aims to Improve Your Productivity

  Microsoft has recently launched its Office 2019 package, which includes updated desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The whole suite has been upgraded from the previous 2016 version to fall more into line with…

27 Sep
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

How Using Keyboard Shortcuts Can Make Navigating Text a Breeze

A little-known shortcut to improve keyboard navigation in a text document is to use the arrow keys in conjunction with modifier keys. These can be used to skip to the end of a line or paragraph,…

25 Sep
News. Staff Articles.

The Future of Health Insurance: How One Insurer is Promoting Health With Fitness Trackers

  American life insurance provider John Hancock will no longer provide policies which do not include the use of digital fitness trackers. New policies are being immediately updated to include the necessity for lifestyle tracking…

20 Sep
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Is Your Windows 10 Edition
Right for You?

  With Windows 10 being at the forefront of operating systems for nearly three years now, most people are familiar with its functionalities and limitations. However, many are still using a version which isn’t matched…

18 Sep
News. Staff Articles.

What do Nougat, Spherical Cow and Bionic Beaver Have in Common?

  Android phones are well known for their operating system versions being named after sweet treats, the latest being Version 9.0 – Android Pie. Other systems have similar naming conventions; some more captivating than others.…

13 Sep
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Improve Your Google Search Results With Smart Searching

With over 25 trillion web pages listed by Google, finding exactly what you need can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. With this huge resource of the internet, a few tips can be implemented to ensure that…

11 Sep
News. Staff Articles.

How A Nordic Datacentre is Sustainably Heating Homes

  DigiPlex is one of the biggest names for datacentre operations across the Nordic region, with five sites across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They are pioneers in this industry in regards to renewable and sustainable…

6 Sep
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

How to Arrange Files in Mac Finder Folders

Unlike on the Windows operating system, files in Mac OS are not automatically aligned or arranged by name. This can make organisation easier as files can be dragged to any area of the folder for…

4 Sep
News. Staff Articles.

How Firefox is Fighting Against Tracking Cookies

Mozilla is taking a revolutionary step with its open source web browser, Firefox, by working to block all tracking cookies in an upcoming update. Tracking cookies are assigned to you as an individual by third…

30 Aug
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

How To Save A Document Quickly As You Work

Saving work is essential when creating a document as work can be easily lost in the event of the programme crashing or another issue, potentially losing hours of valuable work.    By pressing the…

30 Aug
News. Staff Articles.

Why Changes to Windows Updates May Affect Your Business

Windows updates are an important part of computer maintenance as they provide security improvements and bug fixes to protect your machine and keep it running well. However, Microsoft is dramatically changing the way it will…

Uninstalling Application Programmes Windows Mac
23 Aug
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Improve Computer Speed by Uninstalling Unused Programmes

Just like a human, asking a computer to carry out many tasks at once will cause each to be performed more slowly. Therefore, to ease the workload you should remove any programmes which are no…

21 Aug
News. Staff Articles.

Why Worcestershire is at the Forefront of 5G Development

Worcestershire – home of the Wyre Forest, birthplace of composer Sir Edward Elgar and origin of Worcestershire sauce. Not the first place you might expect to be at the forefront of the UK’s technological advancements.…

Windows 10 Updates Support
16 Aug
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

How to Ensure Your Windows Updates are Installed

Windows updates are important to keep your computer running smoothly. They keep your machine running smoothly and protected from security concerns, and therefore should be kept up to date.    Your machine will automatically…

15 Aug
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Why Some Computer Viruses Refuse to Die

The BBC’s technology correspondent, Mark Ward, has written an investigative report into the persistence of some computer viruses.   There are zombies on the internet – odd, undead lumps of code that roam endlessly seeking…

9 Aug
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Protect Your Work by Adjusting AutoRecovery Times

AutoRecover is a very important feature in Microsoft Office programmes. This can save your work in the case of Office crashing, or if your computer shuts down unexpectedly before you have a chance to save…

6 Aug
Staff Articles.

The Windows 7 Support Deadline is Looming – Is Your Business Prepared?

Windows operating systems control 87.9% of all computers, with 40.4% of those being run with Windows 10. This figure is still rising, whereas its predecessor, Windows 8.1, is steadily declining in the number of users.…

Windows Disk Clean Up. It support. SeaBro IT
3 Aug
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

You Should Carry Out a Disk Clean-up to Improve Your Computer’s Speed

A disk clean-up is used on Windows computers to free disk space on the hard drive. Essentially, it locates unnecessary files which are no longer in use and removes them in order to create more…

A brief history of the telephone. SeaBro IT and communications
1 Aug
Staff Articles.

A Brief History of the Telephone – How Distance Messages Have Changed the World We Live In

Mobile phones are a seemingly essential part of everyday life, but their history has been long and complex. Follow the history of the telephone from the Ancient Greeks to future developments with this animation, then…

18 Jul
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

Take Control of Those Not-So-Tasty Cookies Following Your Every Move

Cookies are a delicious treat, guaranteed to lift the spirits of everyone in your workplace. Though, unfortunately web cookies aren’t so tasty.    Computer cookies are small amounts of text data used to track…

11 Jul
News. Staff Articles.

UK Broadband Falls in Global Rankings – How to Receive the Best Service

The UK’s broadband speed has fallen in global rankings, according to M-lab research. The United Kingdom has dropped from 31st to 35th position in a study of 200 countries, which analysed 163 million broadband speed…

9 Jul
News. Staff Articles.

How Twitter is Clamping Down on Spam

Twitter has long been plagued by fake accounts and spam posts, but that could be coming to an end. At the end of last month, Twitter has explained in a detailed blog post that they…

4 Jul
Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

The Tab Key – How It Can Improve Your Productivity

The Tab Key The Tab Key, located on the left-hand side of the keyboard, usually directly above the Caps Lock key, is used for a variety of time-saving functions.    The most useful of…

4 Jul
News. Staff Articles.

The European Parliament Vs. Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based cyber-security and antivirus provider, has been heavily criticised in the US and Europe recently. On June 13th, the European Parliament sat to administer a motion to improve cyber-security in its member…

6 Feb
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Microsoft warns firms of technology ‘distractions’

Technology can distract workers rather than make them more productive, suggests a survey carried out by software giant Microsoft. Many of the 20,000 European workers questioned said a steady stream of emails, messages and notifications…

6 Feb
From BBC News.

From BBC News: Elon Musk’s huge Falcon Heavy rocket set for launch

Elon Musk will attempt to fly the world’s most powerful rocket later with his own sports car on the top. The US entrepreneur’s Falcon Heavy launcher is designed to have twice the lifting capacity of…

24 Jan
Staff Articles.

Hosted Phone System without the Headache or Capital Outlay (via LinkedIn)

  We deal with many companies of different sizes and industries at SeaBro IT, each of those companies face different and unique challenges with managing internal systems, staff and customers – to assist with this, we at the…

24 Jan
Company News.

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our brand new website, we are very excited to be launching our new, easier to use website – watch out for upcoming promotions with some amazing give aways. The website has been rebuilt…

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