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No more trying to guess a colour by comparing it to a chart with thousands of colours; Pantone’s new Colour Match Card allows you to scan any colour with your phone to find the perfect match.

Pantone is one of the most recognisable names in the colour world, allowing designers to match, compare and select colours using their instantly recognisable cotton swatches or fan guides.

The skill of matching the swatch colours to real-life materials has long been one which is difficult to master, with so many variables affecting the colour. There is technology which can help, creating an environment with the ideal light to be able to measure the exact hue of a colour. However, these systems come at a cost – the Pantone Color Evaluation Kit allows colour variations to be identified, but currently costs £1,518.

Pantone Color Evaluation Kit determines colours with a perfect light environment. SeaBro IT
Pantone’s Color Evaluation Kit provides the ideal light for color comparison but comes at a high price. Image: Pantone

With the sudden change of working situations as a result of Covid-19, many designers have not been able to access this kind of equipment while working from home. Pantone’s new Color Match Card aims to bridge this gap by providing a reliable, inexpensive, portable way for creatives to determine the colours around them.

The card features an array of coloured squares to calibrate the phone’s camera, with a hole in the middle to present the target colour. By just aiming the phone with the Pantone Connect App open at the card, matching Pantone colours will be provided to allow for the perfect match to be determined.

Pantone Color Card on a purple purse, scanned by Pantone Connect app for iPhone. SeaBro IT
Pantone Connect scans the card and finds the closest matching Pantone colours. Image: Pantone

The app works best in a well-lit room and uses the phone’s flash to provide additional lighting. The device must be held at an angle to ensure that the flash is not directly onto the card and to reduce the likelihood of ambient light being blocked by the user.

This card is the size of a credit card and has a protective sleeve so can be easily transported to wherever colours are found, and Pantone Connect is available on both Android and iOS so most designers will be able to access the app wherever they are. The app is not yet available for iPhone 11 or above, but Pantone assure that they are working hard to make it available on the latest range of Apple devices as soon as possible.

The card is available now from the Pantone UK store for just £15.59, with Pantone Connect accounts free to register until July 8th as part of the company’s COVID-19 access offer for designers, and after that it’s just $29.99 per year through the Pantone US store.

Give Pantone Connect a go by heading to their site or by downloading the app for Android or iOS.

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