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Man and Woman stood either side of a display showing Samsung's Frame, Serif and Sero TVs. SeaBro IT

Samsung have always been at the forefront of technological innovation, not least with their TV screens. However, their latest one has got people in a spin; a screen which can be in either portrait or landscape orientations.

The Sero (from the Korean 세로 ‘selo’ meaning vertical) has been introduced at a Samsung Electronics pop-up store in Seoul, South Korea. Two other existing ‘lifestyle’ products are being showcased alongside the Sero – the Serif and Frame lines. Each of the three products has its own floor in the store, dedicated to showing the characteristics of each.

Samsung Sero Rotating Tv in horizontal and vertical orientation modes. SeaBro IT
The Samsung Sero can be quickly changed between horizontal and vertical orientations. Images: Samsung

With the increase of mobile phone usage throughout our everyday lives, Samsung have created the Sero to allow for people to share their mobile views on a bigger screen. The pivoting aspect of the screen will also allow for a horizontal display which is the same as a traditional TV.

Samsung Electronics has been continuously introducing innovative products that define TV as an industry leader for years

Han Jong-hee, President of Samsung’s Video Display Business (Translated From Korean)

The rotating display is not the only draw for this innovative device, it also has a powerful speaker. The 4.1-channel, 60W speaker can be used to play music form various music services, as well as projecting the sound from the mirrored mobile display.

Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, will be available on the Sero, allowing you to use voice commands to control functions on screen. When not in use, the device can be set to display a photo slideshow, clock face or music visualisation.

The Samsung Serif TV sits on an easel-like stand. Image: Samsung

The pop-up store, called ‘New Look’, is open until 2nd June and features a gallery of ‘The Frame’ screens, as well as floor where creatives are encouraged to experiment with ‘The Serif’. The Frame is a TV screen with a wooden border that can display art works when not in use, whereas The Serif is an easel-like product created with input from French furniture designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The Sero is due to go on sale in Samsung’s home of South Korea at the end of May for 1.89 KRW (around £1,250). It is mounted on a free-standing, slim navy-blue stand, and is currently unclear whether there will be a wall-mounting option available.

Samsung's 75 inch micro LED screen AKA 'The Wall'. CES 2019. SeaBro IT
Samsung presented their 75in micro LED screen at CES earlier this year. Image: Samsung

Samsung has been innovating many new TV concepts recently, displaying its 75-inch micro LED screen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year. The idea of rotating screens, while not very widespread, is not new. Shopping centre owner Intu has had 30m2 rotating Epoch advertising screens installed in a number of its centres. However, Samsung are the first to bring type of technology to the home.

We’re not sure whether this will be popular in the UK, but whether you have a spinning monitor or not, we can support your business’ technologies. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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