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6 Jul

Virtualisation and Physical

Everyday businesses and IT admins are challenged by limitations with their IT infrastructure, from software to storage and space. Virtualisation allows you to consolidate your servers into a physical server allowing them to be managed…

6 Jul

Web Hosting

We offer hosting for businesses so our clients can have storage, security and applications away from a standalone computer. This allows a business to share files and applications between computers with the use of a…

6 Jul


Are you fed up with the amount of spam emails your inbox receives daily? We give you back full control of your own spam protection levels with your own dedicated portal, meaning you can get…

6 Jul


Microsoft Azure has an expanding collection of cloud services which gives us the ability to deploy and build applications anywhere in the world. We keep a close monitor on all of our server backup maintenance…

6 Jul

Bespoke Cloud Servers

SeaBro IT offer bespoke cloud servers to allow anyone to build a rental server to their own custom specifications, giving you the option to build for the now and the future at affordable prices. We…

6 Jul

Cloud Servers

We have our own server units which are based in the UK and are fully managed and monitored by us. We are able to offer a wide range of server configurations that are able to…

6 Jul

Virtual Desktops

Our extensive range of virtual desktops are built with your business in mind, for single application use or multi-application use. We are able to control and manage everything from the security, to the files you…

6 Jul


We offer premium email services at competitive prices, 25GB and 50GB email storage available, with our own in-house Exchange services. We’re confident on its reliability with no third-party support. You can access your emails from…

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