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13 Aug

Spam Filters

Spam emails can cause a lot of issues to a business, so we work hard to reduce the threat of these attacks. You can either control your protection levels through a dedicated portal, or we…

13 Aug


We offer 25GB and 50GB options for your email hosting on our custom-built servers. This allows for your plan to match the needs of your business and can be reviewed as your business changes.

13 Aug

In-House Hosting

We host all emails on our own server using our own systems so do not need to rely on third party support. This means that any issues are dealt with quickly and directly to minimise…

13 Aug

24/7 Access

We know that your business isn’t just 9-5, so neither should your emails. You and your colleagues can access your mailbox anywhere at any time on any device thanks to our bespoke server running around…

13 Aug

Bespoke Server

We use a bespoke Microsoft Exchange-based platform, built specifically for the purpose of hosting. We therefore maintain and support our hardware in-house to ensure that it is providing the best possible servcie.

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