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Everyday businesses and IT admins are challenged by limitations with their IT infrastructure, from software to storage and space.

Virtualisation allows you to consolidate your servers into a physical server allowing them to be managed from one or more hosted servers.

SeaBro IT offers the best virtual solution on the market – below are some benefits of physical to virtual:

  • Disaster recovery improvements – Snapshots allow for testing and protection from any disastrous changes that have been made, simply roll back to the previous timestamp without having to spend the time and effort fixing the issues made.
  • Future expansion – In need of more storage due to insufficient space or RAM or just want to add an additional network adapter? This can be done whilst the VM is live and simple to do, allowing you instant upgrades without the hassle of opening a server physically.
  • Save money – Your company will save money by reducing the number of physical servers, lowering the power consumption and keeping the servers that have been reduced cooled.
  • Migration – Migrating between hosts (Between servers locally or externally) has become easier throughout the years, allowing you move servers during maintenance to another host live and increasing the uptime of the server.
  • Simply managed – VMs are easy to manage and can be accessed within seconds, allowing you to keep your business working around the clock with minimal disruption.

Written by
SeaBro IT Engineer

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