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Ten Years of Google Chrome, with the 0 being stylised as the original Chrome logo. Surrounded by confetti.

Google Chrome accounts for more than 70% of browser usage worldwide. And although it was first released more recently than any of the other major web browsers, its popularity has grown exponentially ever since.

The simplistic design and versatility of tab use was a priority of developers, and since its release in 2008 these features have made Google’s venture in to browsing a success. The graph below from statcounter shows the trend of browser usage worldwide. At the start of 2009, just a month after the first stable public release, Google Chrome already commanded 1.38% of the market share, and overtook Mozilla’s Firefox to reach second place in November 2011.

There, it faced only one more opponent – the ever-present Internet Explorer. This Goliath of technology had one clear advantage in being the pre-installed browser for Windows computers since 1996. However, it faced steady decline since the release of Chrome, and in May 2012 more people were actively downloading and using Chrome rather than the pre-loaded Internet Explorer. And Chrome didn’t stop there. At the time of writing this article, they hold 72.38% of the total market share and our research has concluded that it is the most popular desktop browser in every country of the world.

The initia lrelease of Google Chrome was announced alongside a web comic detailing its features and functions. Here, cartoon portrayals of the development team explain how certain features work and why they decided to implement them.

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Since the first stable public release of Google Chrome on December 11th 2008, it has made an unprecedented impact on the internet across the globe, and has no signs of losing its top spot any time soon.

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