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The UK’s broadband speed has fallen in global rankings, according to M-lab research.

The United Kingdom has dropped from 31st to 35th position in a study of 200 countries, which analysed 163 million broadband speed tests. Although the average connection speed has increased from 16.5Mbps to 18.5Mbps in the last 11 months, we have been leapfrogged by a number of countries around the world.

This report was researched by M-lab, a partnership between Princeton University’s PlantLab and Google Open Source Research, and the data was compiled by the UK broadband comparison site Cable.

Fastest 5 Nations:


Slowest 5 Nations:


Singapore – 60Mbps

Sweden – 46Mbps

Denmark – 43.9Mbps

Norway – 40.1Mbps

Romania – 38.6Mbps

Yemen – 0.3Mbps

East Timor – 0.49Mbps

Turkmenistan – 0.56Mbps

Somalia – 0.6Mbps

Guinea – 0.65Mbps


One of the countries which has overtaken the UK is Madagascar. Ranking at number 22, the African island nation has rocketed up 67 places since last year, with a mean download speed of 24.87Mbps.

Despite this sudden improvement in broadband speeds, International Telecommunications Union data concludes that only around 2.1% of those living on Madagascar have access to the internet, which totals to 452, 185 citizens. In contrast, 90% of the UK’s 65 million residents have regular internet access.

A report by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), also published on July 9th, has requested for full-fibre broadband in 15 million homes by 2025, to be available across the country by 2033.


Types of Fibre Lines

FTTP (fibre to the premises), often referred to as full-fibre, is costly for large-scale installations as the fibre lines are routed directly into the customer’s building.

FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband is where fibre lines carry broadband to street cabinets, but copper wires deliver it to the final destination. This is a much cheaper option but limits speeds considerably.


Business are often most affected by limited broadband speeds. The highest-ranking nation on the M-lab research is Singapore, one of the world’s biggest technology powers. However, business in the UK are restricted by poor broadband. Get in touch with the SeaBro IT team today to find out how we can improve your connection speeds up to 1Gbps.


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