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The world-famous UNTITLED, ART is an international art fair founded in 2012 which brings works of modern and contemporary art together into a uniquely curated space. The team has partnered with Artland to bring this experience to a virtual audience.

By using virtual reality technologies, the UNTITLED, ART team have been able to recreate their iconic light-filled tent which defines their Miami Beach edition, allowing art admirers to be able to move through the exhibition at their own pace as though they are physically there.

Digital rendition of UNTITLED, ART Online & Artland virtual reality art fair. SeaBro IT
Digital renditions of the fair show how realistic the experience will be

This kind of virtual experience is prefect for experiencing art as you can really explore the environment of the gallery and appreciate the carefully curated juxtapositions between the art – whether contemporary, modern, sculpture or photograph.

Static online viewing does not provide this sense of exploration so this fair, the first of its kind, will be a unique and exciting experience for those unable to attend a physical exhibition.

Floorplan for UNTITLED, ART Online with Artland virtual reality art fair. SeaBro IT
The virtual fair is based on the iconic Miami Beach tent where the fair has been held since 2012

The project has been in development for over a year, but the team have brought forward the release of the technology to bring life back to the art world in light of recent events where art galleries, exhibitions and fairs have been closed to visitors.

“This platform, the only virtual reality experience available in the art market, is something we have been hard at work on with Artland for nearly a year now and have decided to launch it earlier than intended in an effort to help reinvigorate the global art economy” – Jeffrey Lawson, founder of UNTITLED, ART

Being immersed in this VR experience is a major part of this project. The exhibition space has the texture and ambiance of the physical fair, created by seamlessly integrating technologies including game landscape rendering and architectural design. UNTITLED, ART Online is not just a static compilation of pieces, but an immersive space where guests can explore, discover and connect with the art.

A digital rendition of how a booth will look in UNTITLED, ART Online. SeaBro IT
Artwork can be hung and changed as pieces are sold to collectors

With the support of their global financial partner, Escrow, UNTITLED, ART have facilitated the automated process of buying the pieces on display without the cumbersome need to engage in offline conversations. This will allow collectors to see how the art looks in a three dimensional space, inspect the art they are interested in and then buy it all in one easy process.

UNTITLED, ART fairs attract over 65,000 visitors a year, but with Artland’s technology they will be able to support access for over 100,000 art fans to experience this innovative way of bringing these creations to admirers in the comfort of their own homes. Creators can digitally hang their work, precisely adjusting the positioning and selecting the design of the walls, floors and furniture in their booth.

Booth editor shows how the exhibition space can be customised
The Booth Editor allows exhibitioners to style their space to compliment their art

The show will be held over four days at the end of July, the first of which will be a dedicated VIP day. If you would like to attend, you can register through the fair’s website, where you can also find more information about how the event will be run.

This fair is set to change the world of virtual art, and I am excited to see the outcome of transitioning a world-renowned art fair into a virtual reality space. I am confident that this will pave the way for many more remote exhibitions for art and other media, needed now more than ever as the world changes to accommodate distance interaction.

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Fraser S
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