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Windows updates are important to keep your computer running smoothly. They keep your machine running smoothly and protected from security concerns, and therefore should be kept up to date.


Your machine will automatically scan for these updates randomly every 17-22 hours. Why randomly? Microsoft understand that their servers would be under strain if all of their machines checked for updated simultaneously every day. Therefore, the scans occur at some point over this five-hour window each day.

Most updates will be accompanied by a notification asking you to download the update, which you can postpone until a more convenient time. These updates are usually only minor changes, but are still important to install. They may be security updates, bug fixes or general functionality changes to Microsoft apps, but are still important to keep your machine running without issues.

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More important updates will be installed without permission. This is usually the next time you shut down your computer. These major updates are most likely to be important amendments to security, and therefore should be of priority to install. It is tempting to delay these updated for convenience, but if you let updates build up, they will take much longer to install once you do download them. In addition, you may be open to attack in the meantime.

You can also manually scan for updates as part of a regular check of your computer. Follow the instructions below to learn how. Remember that to download any updates, you will need a strong, maintained internet connection.

Windows updates are commonly released on a Tuesday, leading to the unofficial term ‘Patch Tuesday’ to be coined. The second and sometimes fourth Tuesday of each month at 17:00 UTC are the usual times for the release of these updates, though minor updates are published between these times. Therefore, carrying out a regular check of your personal or company’s computers every two weeks should be a common habit to ensure that features and protection are up to date.


Windows 10 Manual Update Scan

1. Click on the Windows Icon Windows 10 Icon White  in the bottom left corner of the screen, then on to Settings .

2. Select the Update & Security button .

3. Under the Windows Update  tab, click on the Check for updates button. Then, follow the on screen instructions to install any updates found.


Remember to regularly update your Windows Computer to keep up to date with feature changes and bug fixes, but most importantly for security patches. Resist the temptation to persistently postpone updates, but instead take the short time to download updates in order to protect your device.


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Written by
Fraser S
in Staff Articles. Ten Second Tips.

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